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Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Because between the two of us, we may save a life..
Let's face it.. when you're  face to face with the maker.. and he asks you what all you done.. do you REALLY want to say.. "Hey, I discovered a blog where the guy was trying to save as many of us as possible.. and i visited it over two times too! But hey, Mr Boss, it was way too hard to click 'Follow" 'cause my fingertips were sore, from downloading all that pr0n.."
Look , all this blog is about is making a little bit less folks die..
I can't guarantee that I have the answers.. but i CAN guarantee that I'm trying...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

OK boy was this hard to set up

The captcha said I failed.. and then suddenly the blog name was "unavailable".. so I acted on a hunch.. and YUP.. i gotta new blog..
 The name of this blog is exactly what it seems to be..
I don't wanna die..
Aint NOTHING i can do.. no rush, no sex that good, no 'fame ' that great.. that makes it OK to die after , well, i die..
'Cuz we all know something survives after death..
Soo... once I had decided i didn't wanna die.. i went.. what now?
I got raised in a Catholic household.. but i never assumed that was the truth.. 'cuz i didn't know.. I'd only been told.., over and over, sooo.....
I've stayed in a Krishna commune, been "born again" at least six times, revisited Catholicism several times,\, checked out the "Church of God"  (y'know, Herbie Armstrong's one).. studied others.. such as the Mormon cult, the Jehovahs Witness's book-selling business, became a tantric adept ( boy that was a stumbling block ;-(, and everything else.. most did NOT lead to life..
so I thought.. if i get a good lead.. I BETTER let y'all know , cause it's a jungle out there..
ATM i been listening to DAVID WILKERSON  (of "The Cross and the Switchblade" fame).. besides inspired preaching, he outlined a prophecy, in 1973, that has 100% come true.....
Because he probably did NOT know about Nibiru (hey y'all, it really exists.. sorry to say) some of his prophecies are all the more surprising, as he did not know WHY the moon would be accompanied by a second red 'sun' in the sky..nor WHY mile high tidal waves would be generated.. normal tides sure can't account for that..
 For thoser that do NOT know what I'm talking about, that have any bible knowledge at all... there is undisputable (if, maybe, now, suppressed) scientific evidence about a body 5 times as massive as the earth passing as close as the moon.. SOON.. being near absolute zero, it doesn't show up in telescopes.. but IRAS shows it real good.. (Which is why all references and camera shots of it have been censored, as well as Google sky blacking out it's appearance) so as not to create a panic...

Panic?  well... you know how much of an effect the moon has on our tides.. what if something 100 times it's mass came by? What effect on the oceans do you think it would have.. Slap your head and say DOH!

Geological records show clear evidence of it's passing every 3600 year, causing a throwback to pre-civilization every time (why do you think our history only goes back 3600 years????) ..
Every five or so times , however, (approx 26000 years) it makes a VERY near pass, causing the WORST tidal and gravity perturbations.. this is recorded in the geological records...causing, among other things , a shift in the ORBITAL axis, by yanking the earth around sharply on it's closest pass.. there are clear records of mammoths in temperate climates suddenly having a 40 degree temperature drop.. and these drastic temperature changes are recorded in the geological records at the SAME place over the WHOLE WORLD.. Only ONE thing can cause this drastic kind of temperature change, and that is if the orbital poles change drastically.. Remember these Mammoths were FLASH FROZEN in their tracks..
The Scriptures say that there will be a time of grief such as has never been since the beginning of the World, nor will ever be.. clearly they are referring to SINCE man has been on earth and keeping records.. although Homo Sapiens may have been here longer than 26,000 years, we have not been keeping records  that it likely means the worst in 26, 000 years.. which it will be..
Enough of the scientific evidence supporting 'Armageddon'..
Point is, I believe that the BIG BOSS was serious about how harsh this all is gonna be,.. and I don't wanna die..
Anyone else? Aint it better to live?